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Hello! April 18, 2011

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We’re back. Promise. Its been a year (QUITE a year) since I’ve posted here. Much, MUCH has happened. Thought about writing a super long blog post to get everyone up to speed, but really, I don’t have the energy. So, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

We had a long year. A rough year. In the late spring of last year, we lost Tony’s father to cancer. In the late summer, we lost Tony’s sister, Joni, as well. Those few months were tough on us, and we had a lot of things to worry about. We had a hard time finding good jobs, it seemed like everything was shifting under our feet, and, well, it was a LONG summer.

But, in the fall, we made some major life decisions, some choices, and some future plans. First, Tony decided to go to the Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) to get a degree in audio production and engineering. Secondly, like the MONTH he started school, we found out we were expecting a baby! Those two things came quite close together, and really seemed meant to be. Our fall and winter have been full of changes relating to those two things – getting back into the swing of things as a student for Tony, figuring out what the new “swing of things” will be around here for us with the baby, and looking forward to the future. Although I at one time did intend to blog throughout my pregnancy on our family blog, obviously that didn’t happen. We’re due in just a few days, between April 23rd and 25th. So, here I am.

Because of everything that happened, and my computer crashing, having trouble getting a loaner computer, saving for a new one, going through the trials of buying a new one and then bringing everything over, here I am, a little over a year since our blog and photo albums were updated – FINALLY getting back on track.

I know all of you know all this, because pretty much everyone reading our blog comes from online sources, like Facebook. I wonder if blogging is still a worthwhile idea, but I really want to chronicle what is sure to be an amazing next few years in our lives.

So, keep following us on Facebook and the like. You know that’s where you’ll really find us. But tune in here, too. Because now that everything’s up and running, we’ll be updating as we go here as well. And feel free to click on our Picasa Web Album link in this blog’s link section. You can see photos from the last year, which are FINALLY all up online. 🙂

Much love to you all, and we’ll keep you posted!