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Wednesday Night September 24, 2008

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Hello from another Wednesday. Can’t believe that October starts next week, time has just flown by since we moved here.

We are settling in to our new house in Minneapolis. We love it here! There isn’t much storage space, but we’ve got most of our things in one place or another, and Liza is loving the fact that there is less space to keep clean! Junebug has pretty much moved in to the studio in the basement for their practice sessions, and we’re happy to report that its not loud enough to disturb our neighbors at all. The room’s a little small, but other than that and the fact its usually a billion degrees, it seems to work well for a good practice spot.

Liza has been hard at work – but she’s had some of her best work weeks since she started freelancing, and its perfect timing for that, as Tony is back on the job hunt. However, he landed a small acting gig for a couple of weeks from now, which will help a little with the finances. Junebug is playing shows left and right, so it is a very exciting time in our lives!

We hope that everyone else is having a gorgeous fall as well! If you’re in the  Minneapolis area, please do stop by sometime!


Housewarming Party September 20, 2008

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By Wednesday of this past week, the house was entirely unpacked. Everything was put away. We spent Wednesday afternoon organizing the garage and stacking boxes in the attic, and Liza spent Thursday giving the house a full cleaning. It’s all put away now – and you can see pictures on our Picassa picture site – the link is on the right!

Last night was our housewarming party. We had a FANTASTIC time. It was so nice to see most of our friends – Renae and Tate and Cortney and Jeff, Cody and Katie and Anthony and Katie, as well as Sarah and Dustin, Rory,  Jason, Nick and Anna, and Liza’s cousin Jessica all came out for awhile. We had lots to eat and even more to drink! It was fun to show off our new house, and it was extra fun to know we were smack in the middle of Minneapolis! We spent time inside and outside – and the last people didn’t leave until after 2. We were so glad to see all of our friends – and we hope that they all come out again!

This is our first weekend to just hang out and relax since we’ve been in Minneapolis. We took Daisy to Petco today so she could be around other dogs and meet new people, and while we were there we decided to adopt a dwarf hamster. Liza had hamsters and gerbils growing up, and Tony’s had one before as well, so we though that it would be a fun pet to have. Plus, they had a litter of hamsters there that were up for adoption, instead of just purchase, so we felt good about giving a needy animal a home! We’ve been enjoying our new pet this evening.

Tonight we are heading out to go to a movie and tomorrow we’ll spend relaxing and hoping that the Vikings can finally pull off a win.


Dear Readers… September 9, 2008

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It’s been awhile, we know! So sorry! But you’ll have to forgive us – the move got away from us! The last couple of weeks of August were filled with packing and shuffling boxes around, and loading trailers and etc. Liza’s dad came up on Wednesday before Labor Day weekend to bring us the moving trailer and helped us to load it a bit – and then we had a mad-dash rush to get everything in boxes before Friday of Labor Day Weekend. Our moving weekend was a very busy one, as we were completely overbooked.

We stayed up very late Thursday night trying to get everything in boxes, before realizing we just couldn’t do it. We hadn’t left ourselves enough time to actually do the moving, so we had to revamp our schedule. Early on Friday morning, we had to get up to drive to Minneapolis to check in at our new house and get the keys. Then, we had to drive all the way back to Howard Lake, get the dogs, and head to Aberdeen. Tony and Junebug had a show at the Red Rooster Friday night – to celebrate the release of the CD Share! The CD release party was a lot of fun, and they sold quite a few copies, too. We stayed up late at an after party at Paul’s house, and got up early on Saturday morning. We ran errands and spent time with Liza’s family – and then headed to Melgaard Park for the Barb and Josh Andrews Wedding. It was a really nice, sweet, simple outdoor ceremony. We were supposed to stay for the entire reception ,and spend Saturday night in Aberdeen, but that’s where our plans had to be changed due to the work we just couldn’t get done before we left on Friday AM. We went to the reception for just a few minutes, and then headed back to Liza’s parents house to get the dogs and head back to Howard Lake. We didn’t get there till after midnight, and then stayed up until four finishing packing and cleaning the basement. We slept from about 4 until 11 or so, when Liza’s parents arrived with the Suburban and Micheal and his friend Devin, who were great helpers.

Our original plan was to get all of the moving done on Sunday, or at least, as much of it as we could. But, there was a problem with the weight in the trailer, and it was too heavy, and not everything would fit right, so the Kollmans, Mark and the boys left Howard Lake with the first trailer load at about 4 pm on Sunday afternoon. By the time we got to the Minneapolis house, unloaded the trailer, and got everything into the house, it was sunset. We drove back to Howard Lake to find Diane, who had been enjoying herself with a beer and the exercise bike in the front yard. She had been left with the task of bringing as much as she could out into the yard from the house – because we did intend to take another trip that day. However, it was dark when we got there, so we put up some lights and quickly got everything from the yard into the trailer. Diane, Mark, and the boys left to spend the night in Buffalo at the Jorgenson’s. We, on the other hand, stayed up very late once again, getting everything from the basement, the upstairs, and the rest of the house piled into the dining room so that it could be moved easily in the morning.

Monday morning – Liza’s Birthday! – came much much too early. Mark and Diane and the boys arrived around noon or so and we piled about a half load into the trailer. Not wanting to make it too heavy, we decided to split it into two trips. We all left for the Minneapolis house around 2, and unloaded the trailer in a pretty quick fashion. We were back in Howard Lake by 5, and managed to get everything into the trailer, including the contents of the fridge, all the furniture, and all of that misc. crap that ends up sitting on the kitchen floor. We swept and made a last inspection of the house while the rest of them headed to Minneapolis.

We all arrived at the Minneapolis house around 8:30 or so. We already knew it was going to be a late night. We hustled to unload the trailer. Luckily, we had help this time around. Anthony came over, and our new neighbor Joan, who is a super sweetheart, came to help as well. Michael and Devin had to be in school on Tuesday  morning, and Mark had to be at work, so we all rushed to get the trailer and suburban unloaded as fast as we could.

Around 10 or so, we were finally done. Mark and Diane and the boys were able to leave with the trailer. We pulled our cars around back and proceeded to unload them. By midnight, we, and almost everything we own, were finally in the house.

The past week has just flown by. Liza took the past week off work to unpack and put stuff away. She’s close to being done with the main floor – just today and tonight should do it. She’s back at work, however, doing half days until the house is done. It will probably take the rest of the week to unpack the basement. Tony is working in the basement and back on the job hunt – please please wish us well and send lots of prayers and good vibes! IF ANYONE knows of any job openings or great places to try for jobs, please let us know, as well!

Hope you all are well!