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New Photos April 30, 2008

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Lots of new photos up! Some added to the Klee Kai album, and a few new albums as well. Check out pictures of the puppy under the Baby Solo Album! I will be sure to add more as the days go on!


Weekend Again April 26, 2008

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Goodness, guess we only write posts on weekends! We’ll have to try harder!

Lots to report this weekend. Last week was rather uneventful, just working like usual. Liza was all geared up to do her regular work/cleaning/etc on Friday afternoon so that we could go to a movie Friday night – but at about 3 or 4 pm Willie decided it was time to have her litter. We didn’t expect it for another few days, weren’t even ready with the birthing box or anything. However, we canceled our plans and Willie had a litter of 1 – one boy who seems to be healthy, at least for now. The delivery was actually quite stressful, as the puppy’s sac broke while he was still inside Willie, meaning that Tony had to actually pull the little puppy out so he didn’t suffocate. There were a few tense moments, but the puppy was delivered healthy and strong, so we hope that he stays that way. We’ll be sure to keep everyone updated!

Tony is back at work this weekend. His route took a little bit longer this morning than it should have because we were visited by a freak blizzard last evening. Last week we had 75 degree days and were eating lunch out on the roof, enjoying the sunshine – and then Thursday it started to rain. Late yesterday the rain changed to snow, and we probably got an inch or so of disgusting wet whiteness. It made for an interesting night/morning delivering papers as well. However, the sun came out today, and most of the snow is melting.

Going into town tonight for dinner at Sarah and Dustin’s apartment. Should be fun!


Long Weekend April 20, 2008

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Tony started a part time job this weekend! Yay! He’s a rural route delivery driver for the Star Tribune on Saturday and Sunday mornings – or, more like, Friday and Saturday nights. Its part-time, but its better than no job at all, so he’s going to do it until he finds a full time job.

Working at night is a strange thing for us to get used to. Tony decided that since he really wanted to be at the place where he starts work around 2 or 2:30 AM, he’d rather just stay up late and go to work, instead of going to bed at 7 or 8 and getting up at 2. So, Friday night we went out to dinner and a late movie in Delano (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, GREAT MOVIE) and came back home around midnight or so. We hung out around here until Tony went to work at 2.Liza made a pot of coffee in the middle of the night for him, and then out the door he went.  Liza read for awhile and then went to bed around 4 or so, and Tony got home from work at 7. Liza slept in, but of course Tony slept in much longer!

Saturday, Tony had to be in the studio from 8 pm until about 1 am or so, so staying up was easy. He got back home around 2 or 2:30, took enough time to grab a cup of coffee, and then headed to work. Liza, of course, headed back to bed then. However, Sunday morning routes are about three times as big as the Saturday morning route, so he didn’t get done until about 9 this morning.

It will take some getting used to, but its only a weekend route, so it shouldn’t be that hard. And its a little bit of money to come in each month, which will be very helpful indeed. It is only until he gets a regular, full time job. Until then, we’ll just have a work-at-night adventure!


Outside Work April 17, 2008

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Yesterday was the second plus 60 degree day in a row, and was also sunny, which  meant that we finally got around to dragging ourselves outside to do yard work. This is our first spring in this house, and we are excited to see what it will look like here. When we moved in last fall, it was apparent that there had been, at one time, someone living here who very  much cared about landscaping and all of that. The front of our house has extensive flower beds – one one each side of the front door, and they extend all the way around one entire side of the house to the back door. We have no idea what’s in them. When we got here in September, they were green and there were flowers in them, a long with a whole host of other stuff. We already found some tulips, a lot of them actually, around the side of the house. Its a very gone-to-seed English garden type thing, as we think that its been a couple of years since anyone’s really tended anything or made sure things were growing in the right spot. The tulips, for instance, aren’t planted in rows or even in one main area, they just kind of pop up all over the place. The rest of the ground (in most of the flower beds, anyway) is now peppered with green things. Some of them are probably weeds, but we know that a good majority of them are not weeds. Liza is very excited to see what things come up in the next few weeks.

We spent about two hours yesterday clearing out the flower beds in the front and side, and sweeping the walks, as well as raking up dead leaves from the yard, and clearing out the flower beds (yes there are more) around the duplex and garage. Liza already has three “early” tomato seedlings she’s going to re-pot and keep indoors for a couple of weeks yet, and we’ve also started some herbs indoors as well. Liza is absolutely dead set on making the “bucket garden” idea work this time. We tried it at 811, but only got a couple of peppers and lots of tomatoes, nothing else.  We’ll try it again this year, and see if we can get other stuff to grow in our buckets as well. There is a great cemented area by our back door (between our back door and Mr Upstairs Duplex Man’s front door), which is in sun for most of the day, and an area below the steps that has sun all day long, so we’re excited to get the temperature up a little more and see what comes out in the greenhouses in a few weeks!


How we got thrown out of El Loro in Burnsville April 13, 2008

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Last night, we went to Cortney and Jeff’s house, for some food and games and what not. We had talked about ordering pizza, but when we got there, Cort and Jeff had both had pizza for lunch, so we decided instead to go get take out from the Mexican restaurant down the street. They live in Burnsville, and there is a Mexican place called El Loro that is just down the street from their townhouse. We thought that we’d go to El Loro, and order some food to go. Jeff suggested that we sit in the bar there and wait for our food. Having some beers, waiting for Mexican, sounded like a great idea to the four of us, so we got in Cortney’s car and headed over to the restaurant. Cortney eats at El Loro all the time, she loves it. Liza had eaten there as well before, and enjoyed it too. Typical Mexican food, and we’re all big fans of that. So, we went.

When we walked in the place, they tried to seat us right away, but we told them we were going to make a to-go order, and asked if we could just go and sit at the bar while we did so. So far, so good. We even laughed about how there were 4 empty chairs at the bar, as if they were just waiting for us to show up. The bartender came over and she asked us what we wanted, and we each ordered a beer. Small ones for Liza and Cortney, a medium one for Tony, and a big one for Jeff. She asked to see our IDs, and we got them out for her. We laid the IDs on the bar, and then she kind of disappeared for a couple of minutes. We assumed that she had some other tables to get to, and so we sat there and chatted for a few minutes. The Kollmans were in the middle of telling Jeff and Cortney about how Liza’s dad made us listen to the Jose Cuervo song about a million times in the RV on the way to Hendricks for Christmas, and we were all laughing at the photos on our IDs, when we saw the bartender return. She picked up our IDs, and looked at all four of them, and then handed them back to us. She had our four mugs, and was about to go fill them at the tap when we noticed her get in a little scuffle with the Manager man who was also trying to pour some beers. It seemed that he didn’t think she should get to pour the beers she wanted to first, and we heard her say “These guys have been waiting for awhile, I need to get them their beers”. The next thing we knew, she was back asking for our IDs again. Mind you, we had all JUST put our IDs back into our various pockets or purses, but we just shrugged and got them out again. We think that the Manager asked her if she’d checked them, and her response wasn’t good enough, so he made her check them again. This man seemed like the kind of guy who relished in ordering people around, being in charge, and ALWAYS getting our way. She looked again, and then took all four of them over to the scanner. The Manager man must have said something to her, or asked her if she’d scanned them. Sometimes, in Minnesota, they scan IDs. Can’t remember if they do it in SD or not, perhaps they do now, at any rate, they didn’t USED to. The scanning is really just to show if the IDs have been reported stolen, or if the person is wanted for anything or what not. But even in MN it doesn’t usually get done. We haven’t had our IDs scanned, really, at least not any times that come to our mind, since we’ve lived her. The men who were sitting next to us asked us what they were doing, and mentioned that THEIR IDs hadn’t been scanned, and wondered out loud why they were scanning ours. We just shrugged it off until we saw that they were staring at the Kollman IDs and kind of shaking their heads.

We moved to the twin cities area in September, and yes, we realize that we should have had our IDs switched over by now. But our cars are still registered in SD, through Liza’s dad, and our insurance is also still based in SD. So, even though we SHOULD have MN IDs, we just haven’t gotten around to it yet. So sue us. AT any rate, the Manager brought Cortney and Jeff their IDs back, and then turned to Liza and Tony. He told us that he couldn’t accept our IDs because they hadn’t worked in the scanner. Then, he asked us if we had other forms of IDs. We kind of laughed at that – pretty much out of confusion than anything else. We’d been using our South Dakota driver’s licenses in Minnesota for months – at bars, clubs, while shopping and using credit cards, and many other places. Never had we had our IDs turned down. They are both rather new IDs, and have really recent pictures. Liza just got hers after the honeymoon, and neither of them will expire for a couple of years.

We shrugged and started to dig in our pockets for other forms of ID. Liza had an old student ID, but that didn’t help because it had her maiden name on it. Tony didn’t have any other forms of ID. Jeff, meanwhile, had gotten pretty upset about this. He works at a bar, and he knows that as long as a person presents a valid, non expired ID that says they are about 21, the bartender or manager has done their job. When he mentioned this, the Manager replied “don’t tell me how to do my job!” and started to get very testy, telling us that this was his establishment, and he could do whatever he wanted, and he had to protect himself. The female bartender, by this time, looked very embarrassed and said to the Manager that he’d lose business if he made us mad. Which, of course, made him even madder. Liza, who really has a problem keeping her mouth shut in situations like this, said “Excuse me, but I’m supposed to be able to take my ID from one state, and use it in any other state. This is a valid South Dakota ID, its only one state over, I’m sure you get people in here a lot from that state”. Boy, the manager sure didn’t like that comment, and then Jeff started to ask the other people sitting at the bar if THEY had had THEIR IDs scanned. The manager roughly said that he wasn’t discriminating against us, and as Jeff and Cortney loudly agreed with Liza that state issued IDs should be accepted no matter what state you are in, the manager told us that were free to leave if we would like to leave. Cortney stood up from the bar and said, very loudly, “Yes, we’ll leave. I am sure that El Azteca is open and will be more than happy to serve us. ” Then, as we started to walk out, she and Jeff started talking, again loudly, about how it was too bad that El Loro had just lost their business – that they spent a LOT of money in that restaurant and would never be returning. At this point, Jeff called the manager a “prick head” – and we started to walk from the bar to the door, through the tables where people were eating. The poor bartender watched us go, knowing the restaurant would lose our business and she’d lose what probably would have been a nice tip for her services. We noticed that the prick head manager was actually walking on our tails, ushering us out, while Jeff complained loudly to him the entire time. Jeff told us that the manager said ” Don’t make me barter you out of here!”, (God only knows what he actually meant by that statement). The Manager walked us all the way to the door, and Liza turned around and said “Is he throwing us out of here?” In fact ,he walked us all the way OUT the door, and then stood there, to make sure that we weren’t going to try to come back in.

We got in the car and drove over to Savage, where there is another El Loro. We sat down at THIS bar, and they took all four of our IDs and scanned them. Come to find out, when you scan a South Dakota (and probably other states) license, you have to take the gun thing off of the scanner, and use it in a different way in order to make it work. Because at the other El Loro, it worked perfectly and we were all served drinks while we waited for our food. Then we were sure to compliment the staff and the bartenders, and give them nice tips as they brought us our food to go.

Its unfortunate that a man who obviously likes to be in charge, talk down to his employees, and is belligerent to the guests that he hopes will become his customers, can lose business simply because he insisted on trying to use a piece of technology and then he didn’t know how to do it correctly. In the grand scheme of his business, it probably doesn’t matter, because he’s got the kind of joint that people come in to often, and in such a big city there will always be people who have never heard about the prick head manager and decide to eat there. It wasn’t just that he insisted on scanning our IDs, for Heaven’s sake, that’s the law. It was that he was rude, insulting, and threw us out on our asses for just wanting to give him some business and eat in his restaurant.

For Pete’s sake, let’s be honest here – its been a long time since ANY of the four of us could REALLY be mistaken for being 20 years old or less. We wish that it was the case, but really. We’re all close to 30 now, anyway. And although the four of us are, as a rule, very attractive people, (tongue in cheek smile), we’re grown ups. Tony and Liza are married – Jeff works at a bar himself, Cortney teaches special needs kids in Burnsville. Even if the IDS didn’t scan, we all look like our pictures do on the IDs, none of the IDs were damaged in any way, and the IDs say that we are legal, consenting adults.

And it is true – in the United States, you are supposed to be able to use your state-issued ID in all of the rest of the states. Each establishment can choose who they want to sell and who they won’t sell to, but or legal purposes in any other situation, authority figures have to accept IDs issued in other states. Its not like we were in another country or something. Tony and Liza took an alcohol class when we worked at the casino, and we were told that it was the bartender’s responsibility to learn how the IDs from various states looked, and to be able to recognize them and find the birth dates on them.

However, since both Cortney and Jeff, and Liza and Tony, had gotten all the way through their college years (and more) without actually being thrown out of a bar or restaurant, we sort of felt that the adventure of being (pretty much) thrown out of El Loro in Burnsville was kind of worth it.


Busy Busy Busy April 12, 2008

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Its been a fast couple of weeks here. Liza has been working a lot, so there hasn’t been a lot of time to do much else. Since we got back from Hendricks she has been working 10 or more hours a day to get caught up…. pretty stressful, but so it goes.

However, we have been taking the weekends off to see friends and enjoy ourselves. Last weekend we went to see Horton Hears a Who on Friday night. That was a pretty fantastic movie. We were both very pleased with the excellent animation and of course the GREAT storyline. On Saturday, we decided we felt like visiting some animals. The Como Park Zoo is actually free (well, they accept donations), and since they’d already started their summer hours and were open later than the Minnesota Zoo, we headed over there. It was really nice out so the entire place was packed. Parking took longer than seeing some of the exhibits. However, we enjoyed the zoo, although it is pretty small. It was still a fun (and cheap!) way to spend an afternoon.  We met our friends Renae and Tate for dinner Saturday night uptown, at Bar Abiliene. If you haven’t been there, try it out, it’s great food. We also headed out for awhile, and ended up finding 2 dollar taps at The Drink, so all in all it was an FUN and inexpensive weekend. We ended the night at Renae and Tate’s playing Wii – which of course is always a good time.

We got something of a blizzard on Thursday of this week, which was rather disappointing, because the tulips had started to come in and all of the snow was gone. It is still wet and icky outside, and there is still muddy snow all over the place. This weekend we’re also trying to relax and enjoy ourselves. Tony was in the studio last night, so Liza met up with Cortney for some shopping and girl time, before picking up Tony around midnight. She got to stick around for a little bit ,and had the pleasure of getting to hear some of the work that the boys have been doing. The album sounds GREAT! Head on over to the Junebug Jones site (listed in the links) for more information and to pre-order the album. Tonight we are heading to Cortney and Jeff’s for pizza and games, so that should also be a lot of fun.

Here’s to hoping that Spring comes  back soon!