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Can’t believe we’re half way through February! February 19, 2009

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Luckily, since we don’t like cold so much, it seems that January went by very quickly – and February has flown by as well. We promise to be better at updating now that things have calmed down a bit. Ever since Christmas it seems that the world’s been going so quickly! January was packed full of Junebug shows – which are starting to be the norm – and February’s been full of that plus dog sled weekends as well.

The 31/1st we were up in Walker Minnesota for what would turn out to be this season’s only real race. We stayed in a super nice hotel – though a bit snotty – as dogs cost 50 bucks per night and the rooms had bed skirts that we swear were made of some lacy expensive material. Nonetheless, it was a great weekend, even if we could only be there for part of it. Junebug had a show on Friday the 30th, and the races were starting at 11 AM on Saturday – so we got home from Junebut at 1 AM, and were awake at 5:30 to drive the almost 4 hours up to Walker. We arrived just in time to meet Liza’s parents in their hotel room and help them pack up the truck to drive to the race.

Michael raced at 11, taking 6 dogs, and Mark raced around 1:30 or so, with his four dogs. They both had great races – through the city streets, in a tunnel, and down some great trails. We had dinner out  and then went swimming for awhile, and ended that evening sitting in the bar with Liza’s folks, listening to a cover band play some tunes. We were up early on Sunday morning too, and good thing we were, as we pulled into the race area about 15 minutes before Michael’s chute time. It was a fast start to the race – and we stuck around for Mark’s race at 1:30 as well, before heading back.

That sunday was the superbowl, and we’d made plans to see our great friends Renae and Tate – so as soon as we got home we turnred right around and went out to their place in Minnetonka. It was a great time – but needless to say we were pooped when we finally got back home again.

The weekend after, we were supposed to head to another race, but it got called on account of low attendance. So, the Kollmans packed up our car and drove to Aberdeen for the weekend. We got to hang out wit Liza’s family ,and we also spent Saturday out on the trails, racing dogs. Both of us actually got behind the dogs on the sled, and got to drive them for quite some time. We loved being out on the trails and out on the snow mobile later on as well.

Junebug had said they were taking February off, but they just can’t stay away. They played a show last Thursday night, and then we spent a quiet Valentine’s Weekend eating out and staying in. It was very relaxing and very nice.

We’re looking forward to a lot in the next few days. Junebug is playing a benefit show on Saturday, and they’ll be on an online radio show on Sunday  night. Liza’s mom is heading to Alaska for her twice yearly work periods, so Liza will go to Aberdeen Sunday to see her off Monday and spend Monday night making sure that Michael and Mark are set. As February draws to a close, we’re going to be very busy – Junebug’s playing in Mankato on the 1st, and Liza heads to Aberdeen again on the 2nd, this time to house-dog-and-casino-sit while Mark and Michael join Diane in Alaska for  ten days.  March is full up of  Junebug shows too, so keep tuned!

And stay tuned for updated photos on the Picassa site!

Hope you are all well!