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Junebug’s “Last Night” music video! November 30, 2008

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Tony’s band, Junebug, recently shot and released a music video for the song “Last Night.”  He was very excited about it and had a blast!  The album is currently available at CD Baby,, and on iTunes!


Pictures…! November 23, 2008

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Finally! Lots of great pictures! Uploaded to our Picasa site – follow the link at the right to the photo albums.

Lots of photos from this fall – many Junebug shows, parties, Halloween, and Tony’s party.

Go check ’em out!



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Last night Tony had a 30th birthday surprise party!

Liza worked for 3 weeks to plan out the perfect surprise. This was an event that was made difficult because Tony is not yet working, which means that since Liza works at home, she and Tony are home together all day long, every day. With the band practicing at the house, too, there really wasn’t a good occasion for Liza to get to the store and do party-planning things – but with the help of some friends, and some good luck, she managed to get a party planned.

Liza used Cody Tesnow – and he was WONDERFUL – to get Tony out of the house on Saturday afternoon. She had discussed this with him mostly online – and he’d come up with a great story – he needed Tony to shoot a movie and it HAD to be done on the 22nd. Liza feigned surprise at this, but said she was fine with it. We had plans to just go out to dinner and a movie – and Tony left with Cody at 5 o’clock. During the next two hours, Liza decorated the house and made food – and people who were near and dear to Tony showed up at the house. Dustin and Sarah and Anthony, and later Katie, were there, along with Renae and Tate and Nick and Anna, and Rory and Jason, AND Greg and Mandy, who came all the way from La Crosse. When Cody brought Tony back, bringing along with him his girlfriend Katie and another friend Rob, Liza met them at the door and complained to Tony that Tony’s dog had made a huge mess in the living room. When he went to investigate – he saw that all of his friends were in the living room, waiting to surprise him.

It was a fantastic party. There was jamming going on in the studio, Nintendo and movies in the basement den, and plenty of good food and conversation upstairs – not to mention lots of drinks. Greg and Mandy stayed on the couch, and we even had overnight guests – Dustin, Rory, and Jason decided to crash at our house. It was a lot of fun to have a houseful of guests and people having a great time at our house.

Liza is VERY grateful to all of our wonderful friends – especially Greg and Mandy from coming from so far away, and especially Cody for getting Tony out of the house – and is so thankful for everyone for coming to the party. It was GREAT!


Happy November! November 18, 2008

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What a month we’ve had! Its been quite a while since we’ve written, but we’ve been so busy its hard  to do much else! We had two Junebug shows as October drew to a close, one on the 28th and another on the 30th. We then celebrated Halloween down in Burnsville with Cortney and Jeff. We got all dressed up and headed down there to meet them at some restaurants and bars.  We had a great time – some, probably Cortney and Jeff, would admit that we had almost too much fun on Halloween – but everyone survived and we had a fantastic evening. We capped off the weekend with another Junebug show on Sunday the 2nd, – which was fun, too.

November has just flown by. Of course, the election had been a big part of our lives for a long time, and we were both very happy to head to the voting booth on November 4th and cast our ballots. We spent the rest of the day enjoying what turned out to be our last warm day of the fall, raking leaves in our yard and trying to ignore the constant worries about the outcome of the night. Around 6 we came in from outside and enjoyed snacks and beer, waiting for the results of the night to pour in. We were elated when the election was called for Obama, whom we’ve both been supporting for several months. It was fun to have election night at our house as well – as the results were finalized and the TV stations had “called” the election, we both went outside, and we could hear cheering, honking horns, and fireworks from all around our neighborhood. It felt like real comradeship in our area, and we loved it.

The first weekend in November we headed to Aberdeen to get in some quality time with Liza’s folks. It was nice to see everyone, and it was nice to be in town for no real reason, just to see the family and hang out with them. We ended up staying until Monday, and then driving back to Minneapolis. Last week was a total Junebug blur – they had a great show on Tuesday night, and then they had two shows on Thursday at two different locations. Needless to say we were ready for the weekend.

We spent last weekend relaxing, and this week so far has been full as well. Liza is scrambling to get all her work done and all of her money made by the end of the week so she can take a real vacation next week for Thanksgiving. We’ve got a Junebug show tomorrow night, and Tony turns 30 on Saturday, so we’ll be having a busy weekend as well.

We promise pictures will be in the online album soon – its on Liza’s never ending to-do list. Stay tuned!