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Yes, yes yes. It has been awhile. March 25, 2010

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Yes, we know. We know its been a very long time since we’ve blogged on this site. We didn’t think many people cared, and perhaps they don’t, but still. Here is a quick update. Fall and winter went WAY too fast in our opinion. The holidays were nice and relaxed, like usual, with Thanksgiving in Aberdeen, and then our extended Christmas extravaganza with a private Christmas at the Kollmans, followed by a week and a half being snowed in for Christmas at the Johnson house in Aberdeen, followed by New Years Eve in Aberdeen ,and then a three or four day Christmas up with the Beckers/Cromwells in Jamestown. It was an extended vacation, and we loved it! The rest of the winter flew by. Liza spent two weeks in January nannying for our friends the Parmeters in La Crosse. We also went to a few sled dog competitions, as usual. For a much better idea of what we were up to this winter, check out our photo site! 🙂


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