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Cortney and Jeff’s Wedding! August 17, 2008

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We had a fantastic time at Cortney and Jeff’s wedding this weekend. As soon as this is written, pictures from that event will be posted! Liza was a bridesmaid and Tony was in charge of the video. We feel so lucky and blessed to have such wonderful friends in Cortney and Jeff, and to know them both together is to know how a marriage should begin. The wedding and reception were both in Egan, and we enjoyed visiting with them, as well as some of our other friends. We know that they will be very happy together! Yay for the Bucks! 🙂


Back in the Swing of (some)things August 13, 2008

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We’re back in Howard Lake, for the time being. We arrived in Howard Lake at about 2:15 on Saturday afternoon – and Liza had to change clothes, do her hair, and be back on the road to Minneapolis by 3. She needed to head to Molly’s house to help her set up things for Cortney’s bachelorette party. Liza was at Molly’s by 4, and the party started at 5, right on time. Liza had a lot of fun at the party – although it means that soon all of her friends will be married! Guess it means we have lots of couple friends now!

Ever since Sunday, we have been trying to do a million things at once. Of course, Liza is back to working hard, as well as trying to line herself up more work for the coming fall. She is also neck deep in her second grad school packet. This is her graduating semester, and her 120 page thesis has a first draft due date of September 3rd. She is currently on page 80, so she is right on track, but it will be a busy 3 weeks with work and grad school.

Also, we are getting ready to move. Everything is always happening at once, it seems. We need to be out of our house by August 31st. The biggest problem that we are running into is that we need to be in Aberdeen for a  Junebug show on August 29th, and a wedding on August 30th. This means we really need to be completely ready to leave on Thursday before we head to Aberdeen. Then, on Sunday, when we come back from Aberdeen ,we will need to get everything out of our house before we can move into our new one on September 1st. We are also swamped for the rest of the month. Cortney’s wedding weekend really begins tomorrow, and next weekend we are busy in the cities for housewarming parties and all sorts of things. So, in between working, writing her grad school thesis, and watching the olympics, Liza has been trying to pack. Tony is having much better luck, as packing and Junebug are really all he has to do until we leave.

In big Junebug news, we’re looking at two great CD release party shows. The first will be August 28th, in Aberdeen. The second will be October 17th, at the Fine Line Music Club, in Minneapolis. We are very excited!

If anyone would like to help move, please let us know. It looks like we will have to move out of here all in one day, and move into our new place all in one day, so we would be eternally grateful for anyone’s help for either of those days!


Still Aberdeen August 7, 2008

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Liza’s to-do list was rather large when we arrived in Aberdeen – but unfortunately by the time she gets one thing crossed off of it, she has to add two more to it – and it never seems to end! Here we are on Thursday evening at last. We don’t know if Mark and Diane will come home tomorrow night or Saturday afternoon – but we have to leave for Howard Lake early on Saturday morning, regardless. So, we have tonight and tomorrow night to be here in Aberdeen, and then we must go.

The week has crept by, but the individual days have gone much too slow. We both feel like we’ve gotten nothing done, yet we’ve been constantly doing something. Between the dog yard, with 12 big dogs, the 6 little dogs in the house, the casino, the 12 year old, and trying to make time for US, it’s been really hectic.

Scott left today. It was so awesome to be able to be here with all four of us together for a week. We had so much fun each day and night. He will head to Rapid tonight and see a concert at the Buffalo Chip. He’ll meet up with Mark and Diane tomorrow sometime before heading back to Colorado and back to the real world.

Liza is working hard, as usual. Michael has invited Devin over for the evening, and the boys, Tony included, are watching Star Wars downstairs. They are on movie 3 of their 6 movie marathon for the week. Hopefully they’ll finish by the time we have to leave on Saturday morning!


Aberdeen August 3, 2008

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The Sturgis Rally is upon us – which of course means that the Kollmans are in Aberdeen, helping out. We arrived on Friday afternoon, just in time to help with last minute preparations and go out to dinner, before heading to the stock car races with Scott and Michael. What fun, as Liza hasn’t been to the car races in many years, and Tony hadn’t ever been to them. We were extremely amused to find the name “Kollman” in the program – a driver named Rusty Kollman, from Carrington, ND, which is the town where Tony was born. Tony texted his mom before Rusty’s first race, at which time we found out that they were probably second cousins. So, we had a car to root for the entire night! It was a lot of fun. Michael enjoyed running up and down the bleachers as many times as he could so that he could walk past the stands where his girlfriend sat with her family as often as possible. And Scott, Liza, and Tony very much enjoyed the 12$ buckets of beer – 6 cans for 12 bucks.

We got home after midnight and sat up talking with Mark and Diane for a little bit. Saturday morning came a bit too soon for us, as Mark and Diane were up and ready to go around 7 or so. They finally got the RV and the trailer holding the motorcycle out of the driveway around 8:30, at which time everyone, dogs included, went to take a nap.

While we are here, we are in charge of Mark and Diane’s house, their 12 big dogs in their dog yard, and their three small Klee Kai, along with our own three Klee Kai, and Michael as well. Scott is still here, so it has been fun to hang out with him and go to Walmart, and order pizza and things like that. We are trying to save up our energy, but it seems that as soon as we get one chore done, there is another – a call from the casino, a group of dogs that needs to go out, dog yard chores to be done, meals to be made, and things like that. Liza will try to get as much done as she can this coming week, and Tony will try to get started on the job search for our move to Minneapolis proper in a few weeks.

Saturday was quite eventful, with sweeping at the casino and putting money in the ATMs, and two loose dogs and a dog fight in the back yard. Today has been less events, but still FULL.

We’ll just keep on trucking to get through the week!


New House!

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We signed a lease on a new house. It is in Minneapolis proper, up north close to Robbinsdale and Lake Crystal. We researched the neighborhood and talked to the current tenants, so we know we’re getting into a good neighborhood. The house is a 2 bedroom house with hard wood floors all on the main floor, and one bathroom. There is a dining room and living room as well as a nice kitchen. There is also a full attic that isn’t finished, which we can use for storage. The basement is tiled and sheetrocked, and it looks like there are two rooms that were purposefully soundproofed by a previous tenant. So, the basement will be Tony’s domain, as we plan on making a family room type area down there complete with our books and musical instruments and video games. The second bedroom will be a guest room and a workspace for Liza. The house has a working fireplace and a fenced in back yard, which is accessible from the back door. We are very excited about that! We move in on September 1st, so we’ll be starting to pack very soon!