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Life and Times of Taken a sum Doodum

..and Aberdeen… March 25, 2010

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Liza didn’t get much time to relax after Alaska. On Tuesday the 16h, she drove to Aberdeen, because Mark was leaving for his own Alaskan adventure. This is something she does every year, so its pretty much the same as usual. Except that usually, she is in Aberdeen at the start of the race, and she is usually by herself because Mark takes Michael with him. However, this year, she’s got the casino, the dog yard, the house, the little dogs, AND the 14 year old to deal with. Its been a busy week ā€“ seeing friends for St Patty’s day, helping her friend Missy move, and hanging out with her girlfriends, as well as trying to get things done as she has time for them in Aberdeen. So far, she’s gotten a lot done, and is very glad her parents come home today! She’ll be glad to get home on Sunday, as well!!! Then, perhaps, she can finally spend a little bit of time relaxing!

Check out our photo site. Sometime today the pictures from this winter and Alaska should show up!!

Hope everyone is doing well!! šŸ™‚


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