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1 Whole Year! June 14, 2008

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June 9th, for any of you that don’t know it, was our anniversary. We have officially been married for one whole year! Although we did go out and have a good time at the STP show on Friday night, we didn’t really have any plans for our anniversary, other than the fact that both of us were off work and going to enjoy the day together.

We decided that we’d like to start a few traditions on our anniversary. Once we got up and got going, we drove to Buffalo with a backseat full of old clothes and things that we were going to donate to the Salvation Army. We figured that even though we’ve had a really tough year, money-wise, we are still fortunate enough to have too many clothes that we don’t wear anymore, and other things that we no longer use. We thought that a good way to be thankful for all of the wonderful things that have been given to us – and to show our thanks for our blessings – was to give the things that we no longer had a use for to charity. It kind of helped us to see that even though times are tough, we’ve been very blessed. It also helped us focus on the things that we DO have. We think that it is a good tradition to celebrate each year of our marriage.

After that, we found a nice little diner in Buffalo – BJ’s Deli – for lunch. They had awesome European-style food and a great atmopshere. Since we’ve both been craving over-seas times, it seemed like a great way to spend the afternoon. We ate outside and watched the passers-by.

After a short walk in Buffalo, we headed home. We’d decided a few months ago that since we both had our wedding clothes, we wanted to start another tradition – that of dressing up in our wedding clothes (to whatever degree we can) and taking a picture each year on our anniversary – to show where we are each year on June 9th. We want to post them in our room, so that when we’re old we can look back and see where we’ve been each year. This year’s photo was taken on our rooftop. We’ve got a deck out there, and we had spent the weekend putting together our bucket garden and our grill. We decided that since it was such a nice place, we’d take our photos there.

Then, we stayed in our wedding clothes long enough to cut the top tier of our wedding cake and eat a piece. It had been frozen all year long, and it actually tasted very good. Apprantly we had wrapped it up well and kept it frozen, because it had thawed out all night long and neither of us could even tell it had at one time been frozen. We each had a peice, along with a glass of champaign in our toast-glasses from the reception.

THEN, we changed clothes and proceeded to watch our wedding video and eat more cake, as well as drink more champaign. We watched the entire video, which is something that we haven’t done since after we got home from our honeymoon. It took us quite some time, and before we knew it our 1-year day had come and gone.

We are very thankful for this year, and very happy to have spent it together. We are looking forward to so many more!!!

Pictures from our Anniversary are also on the Picassa site!!!


One Response to “1 Whole Year!”

  1. Mary Dodson Says:

    Those sound like lovely traditions. I particularly like the idea of taking a picture dressed up in your wedding clothes each year.


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