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Almost Winter Around Here October 28, 2009

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Well, fall certainly went fast, didn’t it? Since our last post, its gone from the end of summer to WINTER. UGH. We visited the WaterPark of America, which was a blast, but that night was the beginning of the end! The following weekend we went to Aberdeen for Gypsy Day and for a Junebug show, and while were there there, it was 29 degrees there AND back home in Minneapolis for about three days straight! We returned to Minneapolis to somewhat milder weather (perhaps the 40s?), but our entire end of the season garden full of tomatoes was totally ruined. Boo! We tore down our garden and etc a few weeks early this year, and have since been hunkering in for a long winter!

Liza’s cousin Emily got married on October 17th. It was a beautiful wedding, and we so enjoyed spending time with Liza’s family as well. We had a weekend full of Junebug shows this past weekend, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, which was nice because there weren’t that many show in October.

Halloween time already – and soon into the holidays. Hope all is well with you and yours!