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Easter/Sad Times March 25, 2008

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The Kollmans were in Aberdeen for Easter. We arrived there about 9pm on Thursday night, after leaving the city in mild 50 degree weather without coats or scarves, and driving for 6 hours through a raging blizzard. We were glad to be in the warmth of the Johnson house, after that treacherous drive. Thursday night brought almost no sleep, whatsoever. We slept in Mark and Diane’s porch, which is a room that we actually LIVED in for the first summer we lived together. The dog yard was excited by the snowfall, the small dogs were excited to see us, and the blizzard had left the night so bright there was really no way to sleep. We were up early on Friday morning to collect Diane from the airport. She returned from her month in Alaska to about 8 inches of new snow. So, Friday afternoon saw dog sledding, naps, and unpacking for all.  We watched the movie Across the Universe on Friday night – after eating out as a family (minus Scott, of course).

Saturday was supposed to be a day of relaxing and resting and being together as a family. However, Mark’s sister Becky called in the early afternoon to say that Mark’s mom (Liza’s grandma Pearl) was not doing well at all. She’d been in the  home in Hendricks for a couple of years, and had fallen sick on Friday afternoon. Mark decided to drive to Hendricks, and Diane went with. However, they didn’t make it in time, and Pearl died late in the afternoon on Saturday.

We stayed with Michael in Aberdeen while Mark and Diane spent the afternoon and evening in Hendricks, which is about 2.5 hours from Aberdeen.  We had the Wii to keep Michael busy, as well as dog chores and things to keep us busy. Mark and Diane got back late in the evening, and plans were made. A plane ticket was purchased for Scott, and we made our own plans. On Easter Sunday, Mark and Diane had to go back to Hendricks to meet with the funeral director, so we were again in charge of things in Aberdeen. We were going to head back to Howard Lake Sunday night, but decided to stay with Michael, as Mark and Diane didn’t get back until about 8 or so.

Yesterday we got up early and headed home to Howard Lake. We didn’t really unpack, just changed some clothes in our suitcase and checked to make sure that things were ok here at home. This morning Tony got up to head in to the studio for the afternoon. He’ll be back here around 4, and we’ll pack up the dogs once again and head to Hendricks. We will probably be there until Friday or Saturday, as the family viewing is tomorrow, and the funeral itself is Thursday.

We hope that all of you had much better Easters than we did!


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