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Life and Times of Taken a sum Doodum

April April 26, 2009

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Well, we’ve had quite a bit going on lately. Liza got back from staying at the Johnsons on March 18th, and got back into the “normal” routine – but only for about a week! Diane returned from Alaska on the 26th of March, and flew into Minneapolis. We picked her up that afternoon, and immediately packed to head to Aberdeen. There was a Junebug mini-tour taking place the 27th and 28th, so we figured we’d spend a few days hanging out with the Johnsons, although we’d just been there!

Junebug played at the Red Rooster on March 27th, and then, braving the flood waters, played in Fargo on March 28th. We were going to head back home again the following Monday, but a couple of things stopped us! First, Tony threw his back out again while doing a Junebug photo shoot and playing a fantastic show in Fargo. By the time we got back to Aberdeen, early on Sunday morning after the show in Fargo, he wasn’t able to move that much! So, we decided to take it easy. THEN, the following Tuesday and Wednesday, Aberdeen was hit by a blizzard! We had a power outage, and a lot of snow!

Needless to say, the Kollmans didn’t get back home until Thursday, April 2nd. We’ve been busy every since. On the 4th, we visited with friends for our buddy  Jason’s going away party, and then had a Game Night at our house, which was a lot of fun. The following weekend was Easter, and although we’d planned on staying put, due to a Junebug show on Good Friday, we decided at the last minute to drive to Hendricks for Easter dinner at the cafe. It was nice to see the grandparents, as well as some of Liza’s cousins, and Liza’s family, too.

The past two weeks have been pretty much going non stop. The best news we’ve had is that Tony got a part time job! He started working 2 or 3 days a week at the Lock Squad, which is a locksmith shop. He mans the store for his boss while his boss and the team are out on calls. Tony shares the full time job with Dustin, so he works at Lock Squad while Dustin is at his other part time job. Even though its only a part time job, its been fantastic to have him employed, and we really, really enjoy it!

Liza’s been busy working like usual, and the weather has finally started to warm up. We were able to get out into the yard last weekend and do a major clean up, and now the rain seems to be upon us, which will be great for our gardens that are free of debris. We traveled to a fantastic Junebug show in Mankato last night, and will be coasting into May with another Junebug show on Thursday night, again in Mankato.

Slow down, spring! We want to savor the warm weather for as long as possible! We’re enjoying it so far!

Hope everyone else is having a great early spring!