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Leaving May May 31, 2009

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Today is the last day of May! Wow, this spring has gone fast – guess its safe to say that summer is here!

We went to the Como Park Zoo for Memorial Day, which was a lot of fun. A free afternoon is always exciting! Tony had a slow week at work, because of Memorial Day, he only worked on day. Liza, on the other hand, had a VERY busy week, as weeks at the end of the months usually are.

We have some exciting Junebug news – last Thursday night Junebug played a Battle for The Baslica, hosted by Cities 97. They were one of 12 bands picked from over 70 to advance to this round. They played a show with two other bands, as part of 4 3-band semi-final events. The winner of each event goes forward to the finals -and Junebug Won! They advance to the finals on June 25th. That will be a 4-band show, and two of the bands get to play at the Basilica Block Party in July – which is a huge event. So, we’re very excited about that, and looking forward to the finals!

We had a nice, relaxing weekend here. Friday was spent working, doing house chores, and cleaning, and we both stayed up late crossing things off of our to-do lists. Yesterday we went for a drive, looking to find some “freebies” of a Craigslist – a great past time we both enjoy! We weren’t able to find much, but enjoyed the afternoon together, so that was great.

Last night we went down to Burnsville to have dinner and play some games at Cortney and Jeff’s house. We had pizza, lots of beers, and enjoyed plenty of great games. We also had fun taking pictures of their dog Kirby. It is always nice to get together with friends and enjoy a Saturday night!

Tony spent today on a video shoot for the newest Junebug video. Liza puttered around the house, getting things organized and picked up. We’re looking forward to a great short week. We head to Aberdeen on Thursday for a Junebug weekend – Fargo on Friday night, and Aberdeen on Saturday.

Hope you have all had a great month of May!

By the way, photos in the Picasa album are updated!! Take a look!


Memorial Day Weekend May 24, 2009

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We’ve been busy so far in May. Liza managed to get a bucket garden going in the back yard, and Tony’s been busy with Junebug, working in the yard, and various projects around the house and on his computer. We got to go up to the Mack’s on Wednesday, the 13th, for a great LOST finale party, which was a lot of fun!

Last weekend we had a Junebug show on Saturday night, but got to spend the rest of the weekend less-eventfully, and actually had some time to relax. We ran some errands, and got to spend some time doing nothing, which was nice. This week has been busy, Liza’s been working hard, and Tony’s been working quite a few days as well. Friday night, Junebug had a show in Winona, MN, so Tony drove the van. Liza rode along, and Dustin and Anthony did as well. It was fun to take a Junebug road trip! The Winona show was a lot of fun, and the bar had a great atmosphere for Junebug music. We got home around 4:20 or so in the morning on Saturday. By the time the Kollmans got to bed, it was well after 5 and the sun was coming up.

After we slept for awhile, we got up and decided to go to some rummage sales. We picked up a few items at some sales, and then stopped at a house where some lovely friends of ours were having a yard sale of their own. We hung out at the Everhart’s for a few hours, drinking some beers and talking with friends. It was a great way to spend Memorial Saturday. Despite running out of gas as we were leaving, and needing our friends to bail us out with a little bit of fuel, we managed to make it to load in at the Cabooze for Tony’s show almost right on time. We were able to load in his gear, and then head home for awhile so we could relax, eat some dinner, and get ready for Junebug.

The show at the Cabooze last night was a great time! We got to hang out in the green room, and got to listen to some great tunes. Today we spent doing things around here, like editing photos and putting them online! but we also managed to go to some rummage sales, too.

Tomorrow we’re planning on going to the Como Park Zoo, as a way to celebrate this first “official” weekend of summer!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!


Mother’s Day Weekend

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What a fun filled month we have had in May. It started early, with a Junebug show on the 2nd and the FANTASTIC May Day Parade and Festival on May 3rd in South Minneapolis. It was a great weekend to welcome in summer. Check out our photo album for some fantastic May Day pictures.

Mother’s Day Weekend was the 9th and 10th of May. We decided that we would like to spend some time with Liza’s family, so we made sure that Tony had a couple of days off from Lock Squad, and we headed to Aberdeen on Friday the 8th. We got a pretty good early start, and were there in time for dinner. The drive was uneventful, even with three dogs in the car. By now, we’ve pretty much gotten it down as far as traveling goes. The dogs get excited as we get close to the Johnson house -and they know the spare room as “their room” and really seem to enjoy being there. Plus, they get to see their cousins, Rx, Ringo, and Libby, so that’s fantastic as well.

The weekend seemed to be filled with GREAT times. On Friday night, almost as soon as we arrived, we all went out to eat at Shenanigans. Aside from South Dakota still allowing smoking in restaurants (ick ick ick), we had a good meal and got to enjoy great company. It is always nice to chat with Mark and Diane, and talk to Michael about school. Michael was particularly excited, as his Spring Concert was coming up, and he had been chosen to play the main snare part in the song Men In Black, so he was excited about that.

We spent Friday night hanging out with the Johnsons, watching some TV, and just relaxing. It was nice to join the “computer club” with Diane at the dining room table, too. Saturday morning was also meant for relaxation, but about 3 pm, the Kollmans headed out to see some graduates. NSU had their commencement that day, and while we didn’t go to the actual graduation ceremony, we stopped by to wish our friends Jake, Adam, and Annie congrats. Their joint party was at one of Liza’s high school friends, Missy’s house. We stayed for a bit longer than we intended to stay, which was alright because it was great to see friends and talk to people we hadn’t talked to in awhile.

Dinner on Saturday night was at the Palm Garden, which is a brand new restaurant in Aberdeen. Mark and Diane love the atmosphere, and we did have to admit that it wasn’t like anything else that Aberdeen had to offer. We enjoyed the company, as well as fine food, and great wine. The restaurant is very un-Aberdeen like – with no stuffed animal heads for decoration, and more than just steaks on the menu, as well. So, it was a pretty nice dinner over all.

We had to be done eating early, because Saturday night, we had tickets to go see the Big Wu at the Eagles in Aberdeen. We convinced Liza’s mom Diane that she’d like the music, so she came along with us. The concert started around 9:30 or so, and the bands were a lot of fun to watch. Liza’s been a fan of the Big Wu for awhile, and Tony and Diane didn’t seem to mind the music that much, either. We stayed almost until the end, but by the time the Big Wu was playing their first encore, the smoke in the room was about too much for us to bear, so we went home for the night. Tony and Liza had to put their clothes in a garbage bag so that they could take them home and wash them! 🙂

Mother’s Day was Sunday, so Diane woke up to some flowers, and a few gifts as well. We had a relaxing morning, and then headed out to the mall. We saw the new Star Trek movie with Diane for Mother’s Day, which we all really enjoyed, a lot! Then, we stayed out at the mall and got haircuts. After we were finished, Tony and Diane and Michael hung out at home with Mark, while Liza went to see her high school buddies at Missy’s house. She got to hang out with Missy, Jessica Hoffman and Kylee, Jessica Torbert and Isaac, and Brandee Nelson and Megan & Ethan. It was so much fun to be able to see almost all of the girls, and she stayed for a few hours. In fact, the rest of the family had already gone through the Sunday night television by the time she got home. But, it was great to spend time with girlfriends, and eat pizza and hold babies.

Tony, Liza, and Diane stayed up late Sunday night, watching the finale to the Apprentice, and some other TV as well. Well all, except for Michael, slept in on Monday morning. Michael had school, so while he was there, the Kollmans hung out for the afternoon with Mark and Diane. We went out to eat for lunch at their favorite spot to grab a bite, Kessler’s Deli, and then we drove around looking at new cars. We picked up Michael from school, and went out to look at a house that Mark and Diane are thinking of buying. Then, we picked up some groceries and some other things at Walmart, before rushing to grab Subway for dinner, and heading off to Michael’s band concert.

Michael played Men In Black very well, and we were very proud of him! It is always fun to see a young musician in training, and we know that he worked really hard as his part for the show. So, good for you Michael!

We were up early on Tuesday morning to head home. Tony had a Junebug recording session – a jingle for Rising Sound Radio, so he had to be there by 6 pm. It was a fantastic weekend! Checkout the photo album for pictures of everything!