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Goodbye Summer! September 28, 2009

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We can’t believe that summer is gone – and that we haven’t posted since the middle of July!! Our summer got away from us, and a lot of it ended up being out of our control!!

See our Picassa album for what we’ve been up to since you hear from us last!! We had Liza’s high school reunion in Aberdeen, and it was fantastic to see *almost* everyone there. Right after that, we left the dogs at Liza’s parents house and drove up to Calgary for our good friend Amy’s wedding. Wow, what a trip that was – driving across Canada is such a beautiful, albeit a bit boring, experience. We saw a lot of great stuff, and stayed in a couple of fun places before we got to the hotel in Calgary. Amy had booked us a gorgeous room at the hotel where the wedding was taking place, so we got to be a part of the action. It was a beautiful wedding!!

We headed back from Calgary just to head into another, unplanned trip. Tony’s sister was in Austin Texas, and needed a family member to come down to pick her up. Trouble was, we had to be at Liza’s house by August 1st so her parents could leave for the rally. So, we got home from Calgary late on a Monday night, spent Tuesday planning, and got up early on Wednesday morning to leave for Austin. We drove straight south for the next 20 hours or so. We stopped Wednesday night in Oklahoma City, and got to Austin the next afternoon. We pretty much picked up Tony’s sister and started right back again. We got all the way to the northern boarder of Texas before we stopped to sleep for four hours on Thursday night – and we were off again by 8 in the morning on Friday. It was a very long trip, but we drove straight through and got to Aberdeen at about 5 in the morning on Saturday morning. Liza’s folks were able to leave Saturday AM for the rally as they had planned.

Liza spent the next week in Aberdeen, tending to dogs and little brothers, and all of that. We got back to Minneapolis the following Monday, and turned right back around to head to lake Okoboji for the last part of our summer vacation. Junebug had a series of two shows in Okoboji on August 14th and 15th. We went down a day early, stayed in a nice resort hotel, and enjoyed all of the fun things that Okoboji had to offer… Arnold’s Park, boat rides on the lake, and swimming on the beach. We had an absolute blast!

The rest of August and September have passed by in such a blur! We celebrated the birthdays of our good friends Jeff, and Dustin, as well as Liza’s 29th. We had a handful of Junebug shows, one in La Crosse, so we got to spend some time with our friends Greg and Mandy. We went to the beach a few times, to the state fair, and to Hendricks for Grandpa Harvey’s surprise 80th birthday party on Labor Day weekend. So far in September we’ve done Oktoberfest, gone to the Renaissance festival with Cortney and Jeff, had some people over to our house for Liza’s birthday, gone to the Science Museum to see the Titanic exhibit, and have been enjoying two brand new baby puppies that were born on September 2nd. See our album for pictures of all of the fun stuff we’ve been up to!

October is going to just fly by. This weekend we’re exploring the Waterpark of America, and next weekend we’re headed to Aberdeen for a Junebug show. The weekend after Liza’s parents will be here for a family wedding, and the weekend after that is more Junebug, plus a chance to help the Herman’s move to their new house. Before we have time to breathe again, it will be November!

Hope all is well with you and yours. We promise to write more often now that things are *sort of* settling down to a dull roar.